giovedì 22 aprile 2010


§ Questo post è per Genevieve che sta decorando una roulotte zingara.
Le foto sono tratte da una vecchia rivista Italiana che tenevo da parte.
I colori così forti non sono proprio di mio gusto ma le pareti decorate con teiere e cupcakes sono adorabili.
Spero che possano essere utili e di ispirazione a Genevieve.

§ This post is for Genevieve who is decorating a gipsy caravan.
These pictures are taken from an old Italian mag which I kept aside.
These bold colours are not really of my liking but the walls decorated with teapots and cucakes are lovely.
I wish they can be of any utility and inspirational to Genevieve.

§ Teiere sui muri
§ Teapots on the walls

§ Mucche sul soffitto e missili sulle scale
§ Cows on the ceiling and rockets on the stairs
§ Tanti colori e tessuti diversi per la piccola di casa
§ Lots of different colours and fabrics for the house little one.
§ Righe sgargianti dipinte a mano sui muri, tende leopardate e per pavimento un giardino
§ Garish handpainted stripes on the walls, leopard spotted curtains and a garden as a floor
§ Una credenza verdemela piena zeppa di oggetti kitch
§ An applegreen dresser packed full with kitch objects.

11 commenti:

Debbie ha detto...

I couldn't live there Rosanna, I'd have colour over load! LOL But good for a Gypsy Caravan..xx

Caseymini ha detto...

What a wonderful imagination the person that decorated those rooms must have. Thanks for the pics, Rosanna.

Gemma (Gempo) ha detto...

waw quanto colore è incredibile, quanta intensità. Un bacio

by Sonya Rotella ha detto...

Sinceramente non potrei vivere in un ambiente cosi.Ma devo dire che da miniaturizzare e' interessante1

Moon's Miniatures ha detto...

Rosanna, thank you for these pictures! I've been busy with a gipsy wagon too until a year ago. I stopped because I didn't know how to go on. But your pictures are a great inspiration! I think this weekend I'll have a look at the wagon again ... Warm Regards, Monique

Sans ha detto...

O Rosanna, how can you not love these colours? :)! *look around my house and am surprise that it is not as colourful as the picture either!! Maybe when we live in it, we just want the walls to quiet down a little.

I LOooooooooVE the pictures though. The person living in there must be an artist!

miniacollection ha detto...

Thank you so much Rosanna for the pictures. It's very inspirational. With the caravan project I enjoy usin colours I don't usually use.

dale ha detto...

Rosanna, is that real life or in miniature?

I love the busyness and all of the colors! Sans has got to see this!

dale ha detto...

Ha! She already saw it, I spoke too soon! ;)

Sans ha detto...

I am back to see them again. I so love the bedroom with all her crazy bags :). The bed is too messy for me but I can totally live there.

Reminds me of my triple decker bed when I was sharing a room with my 2 other sisters. My mum made a special bed for us and we all have a little wall space to do what we want with. Being the eldest, I have the one on top with the most light and I glued pretty pictures on the walls and even have a tiny mini bookshelf :). SuZ lined a row of her little dolls on her wall. Just 2 days ago, she told me she should have kept those dolls :). Good old days :).

Vittoria A. ha detto...

Ciao Rosanna, sono tornata!!! Che immagini stupende, mi sarebbe sempre piaciuta una casa cosi'! E che sogno decorare una roulotte zingara!