venerdì 2 aprile 2010

silenzio..... - silence.....

§ Da quanto tempo non scrivo ?!
Mi faccio quasi paura.
Purtroppo il tempo è tiranno e non riesco più a seguire il mio amato blog come vorrei.
Sappiate comunque che leggo tutti i vostri post e, anche se non riesco a scrivere sempre un commento, mi tengo sempre aggiornata :o)

§ How much time has passed since I wrote last time ?
I'm nearly afraid of myself.
Alas time is short and I'm not able to keep up with my loved blog as much as I'd like.
But you have to know that I read all your blogs and, even though I might not always write a comment, I manage to keep up with all of you :o)
§ E in materia di mini, ossia come vedere tutto in miniatura, vi voglio mostrare una cosina.
Una cara amica mi ha regalato un nuovo ciondolo Thomas Sabo per il mio braccialetto: una coccinella portafortuna.

§ And going back to mini, that is how to see everything in miniature, I want to show you a cutie.
A dear friend has presented me with a new Thomas Sabo charm for my bracelet: a lucky ladybug.
§ E guardate le scatole dei ciondoli e dei braccialetti !!!
Perfette cappelliere per noi mini maniache !

§ And look at the boxes for the charms and bracelets !!!
Perfect hat boxes for us mini maniacs !

PS: look closely at the bracelet... the round "Thank you" charm comes from Jayne of Tallulah Belle Originals. Thank you Jayne !

10 commenti:

Lize ha detto...

I miss your comments Rosanna! It is nice having your 'face' around... it is not the same when you just 'peep through the window' and then just leave.

But I know how awful it is to be too busy and have no time left for anything that you enjoy. All my sympathy my dear and hope to see you again soon.

PS. Lovely bracelet and charming chair with hatboxes!

Anneke ha detto...

the ladybug charm is adorable, in fact I think the whole bracelet is adorable! The boxes are really cute too!

Hopefully you'll have more free time again soon!
OH and I'm really curious about your easterswap pictures! XD

Debbie ha detto...

Lovely Bracelet Rosanna. Very sweet little Lady Bird Charm. The boxes are fab as Hat Boxes.
Looking forward to seeing your Easter

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Gorgeous bracelet Rosanna!
Happy Easter!

Vittoria A. ha detto...

Come sempre i tuoi post sono carinissimi! Un abbraccio forte a te e alla tua famiglia!

dale ha detto...

How sweet!

Yes! Perfect hat boxes, I'm envious. :)

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

I also have not been around as much. The weather has been beautiful, so have been spending more time outside. Your charm bracelet is so pretty!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Meli ha detto...

Rosanna, I love your bracelet and I believe I saw the initial of your name in it!
Lovely box!!
Happy Easter to you too!

Norma ha detto...

The bracelet is very pretty, and I love the dramatic back and white stripe on the box.

Sans ha detto...

My dear girl, I know how tired you are and yet you make so much effort still looking through all our blogs. Even taking the last ounce to comment on blogs that no one reads :):). I can tell when we were both so sleepy. I typed my post with my eyes close by the way, you know which one :).

So thank you! By the way, Jayne's "thank you" charm jumped at me amongst all those charms. But of course, my fav is the white shopping bag lol. Those boxes are perfect for your Casa Rosa!

I can't wait for you to take your summer vacation. :)