sabato 24 ottobre 2009

friendship award

I know I'm late, awfully late, but last week I as so busy that I could hardly do anything.
Matteo was ill, I had to go to work anyway and I spent all time I could nursing (and cuddling) him.
I have received this awards from two different friends.
A new friend, an Italian girl, Caterina, who is new at blogging but she is very good and we have written to each other a few times.
And an old, please let me call you that, friend, Casey, who daily delights me with her work and her tales.
I'm very grateful to both of them.
This award has been created by Kathi of Beautiful Mini Blessings and it is called the Friendship Award.
Here's what she says."The rules are simple. Just pick three friends - I know that's hard! Choose someone who has inspired you or brought joy into your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving them this award and ask them to pass it on! Then please link back to this post so I can see who receives this award! That's it! Hope you enjoy sharing this award with your friends!"
And here I am, with this difficult task.
I am very careful at how I use the word friend, talking in Italian and in real life, I pay very much attention to whom I call a friend, I make differences between acquientances, long term acquientances, strict acquientances and so on.And there are only three persons whom I can truly call friends .
Mini world is different. Oh so different and I love it, I truly love it.
I do not have t keep up with anybody, I can show where my interests lie on, even if it's only playing. More over, I CAN PLAY !!!
And I love it !!
I have found so many lovely people arond the world and it's so difficult to choose among them...
I shall choose those with whom I have a closest relationship, because I can write to them and ask for advice or simply have a small talk and they invariably answer me.
They are
I know they are four and not three but I could not leave one behind.
They all mean much to me and I'm so glad I have met them.

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nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

I hope Matteo is better soon. It must be hard having to work when he is ill.

Your gift has sadly not arrived but i am still hopefull it will.
I have a funny feeling it has been kept by customs or something like that, and will eventually get here or go back to you. My fingers are still crossed.
My friend from America sent me a gift a month ago and it has just arrived. It is late because customs needed me to pay for it coming into the UK.
So i am hopeful this is what is happening with your gift too.

Congratulations on your award too!

Nikki x

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Dearest Rosanna, You are so very very sweet, thank you so much for this means so much to me coming from you! I can always count on you for a friendly chat (email) and you are usually one of the first to leave a comment, which I love! I too also love blogging, if only for the simple pleasure of meeting lovely people like yourself.

Kindest Regards, Linda x

..hope Matteo is well very soon.

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Thank you dear Rosanna, you are such a darling! I look forward to your emails, you always make me laugh!
Thank you for this very special award!
I hope Matteo is feeling better.

Kim ha detto...

Rosanna- lots and lots of well wishes for poor Matteo- I hope he feels better soon and that you do not get sick also

Pubdoll ha detto...

I hope Matteo is better, best wishes!

Sans ha detto...

I had teeny weeny tears in my eye when I read this. It must be Snoopy & Woodstock. I always go a little sentimental when I see them together.

Rosanna, this award is the one I feel most honoured to have received. Thank you. Love loads, Susan