giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

la danza delle scatole di latta - tin boxes dance

§ Vi propongo un'iniziativa: la danza delle scatole di latta.
No, non è una mia idea ma di una blogger che abita a Parigi.
Si chiama Daniela e il suo blog è Calme et Cacao .
In pratica è uno swap in cui ognuno spedisce una scatola di latta ma all'interno deve esserci un pensierino, una cosa piccola, come qualcosa di dimenticato e poi ritrovato.
Andate sul blog per avere tutte le informazioni per partecipare.
Io ci sto.

§ I propose you a new initiative: the tin boxes dance.
It is not an idea of mine but the one of a blogger who lives in Paris.
Her name is Daniela and her blog is Calme et Cacao.
In practise it is a kind of swap in which everyone sends a tin box and inside it there must be a small gift, a wee thing, as if it were forgotten and then found again.
Go to the blog and find out the instructions to join it.
I shall be in it.

4 commenti:

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) ha detto...

Rosanna, this sounds lovely. I had to do a translation through babel fish and I'm uncertain as to when we must ship it by.

The translation came out:

They said that the packages would have to be sent beyond 5 December 2009

Could you tell me when the packages must be mailed by?


Debbie ha detto...

What a lovely idea Rosanna, just been over for a look. I also did a translation and I'm a bit confused by the date, like Marsha.. xx

Christel Jensen ha detto...

I don't understand a word. Why dont we have a swap of our own:)

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, I am game ! Is it a circle swap? Christel is right. Shall we do a swap of our own? You set the rules.