venerdì 30 ottobre 2009

un regalo dall'Olanda - a gift from Nederlands

§ Quest'estate Sabiha si era gentilmente offerta di mandarmi una scaletta.
Avendola vista sul suo blog le avevo scritto per proporle uno scambio e lei gentilmente aveva accettato. Tutto bene se le Poste Italiane si fossero comportate bene !!
E invece..... non è mai arrivato.
Ma Sabiha non ha perso la fiducia e ne ha fatto un'altra .
Questo è il bellissimo pacchetto che ho trovato nella cassetta della posta.
§ Last summer Sabiha had kindly agreed to make a ladder for me.
I saw it on her blog and I wrote her to propose a swap and she was willing to do it. Very easy if the Italian Mail could work efficiently !!
And instead ..... it has never arrived.
but Sabiha has not given up hope and she has done a new one.
This is the beatiful parcel that I found yesterday in my mail box.

§ Dentro c'era questa deliziosa scatola di latta, strana coincidenza.
§ Inside there was this delightful tin box, weird coincidence.
§ E dentro.... la scaletta !
Ma non solo, anche una borsina adorabile contenente le cornicine shabby e tante tante zucchette.
Mi piace troppo !
Grazie mille Sabiha
§ And inside .... the ladder !
but it was not alone, there was a lovely paper bag with shabby frames inside and lots of mini pumpkins.
I just love it !
thank you very much Sabiha

6 commenti:

Debbie ha detto...

Beautiful Gifts Rosanna. I bet you and Sabiha are happy that they have finally arrived..xx

Tabitha Corsica ha detto...

What a lovely swap gift she made for you, Rosanna. So glad it finally got to you. The postal service can be quite a gamble, apparently.


kimsminiatures ha detto...

Wonderful gifts Rosanna. I kinda think you never received the cake I sent you awhile ago. I really have no idea how to get something to you :( Please let me know if there is a way. Hugs~ Kim

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Beautiful gifts from the wonderful Sabiha, you are a lucky girl Rosanna!

Lize ha detto...

Lucky you Rosanna! Sabiha makes beautiful things. Such a pity the mail is so unreliable..I see every now and then people are mentioning about disappearing mail.. and not just in Italy.

Sans ha detto...

They are gorgeous, Rosanna! I know postcards reach you safe and sound. Parcels that are not registered don't. Now, let's see if my masquerade of a letter reach you. If it does, then someone at the post office is opening up small parcels hoping its a diamond! Maybe the someone has been caught because Rosanna, you seem to receive all your mail lately. Hooray!