lunedì 5 ottobre 2009

la Strega Buona

§ Oggi stavo stirando ( tanto per cambiare direte voi...) quando il postino ha suonato alla porta.
Io amo il campanello quando mi distrae da lavori che detesto e tanto più oggi.
La settimana scorsa Nikki aveva messo sul suo blog le foto di libri e di rotoli di stampe botaniche. Le ho scritto e lei è stata così gentile da mandarmeli: non solo le stampe e i libri ma anche un sacco di carta stampata per le copertine.
I libri sono meravigliosi e i rotoli,....oh così piccoli, favolosi.
Non contenta ha scelto disegni della stamperia di Varese perchè è Italiana e ha pensato che si potrebbero adattare alla mia casa.
La gentilezza ha il potere di commuovermi sempre e Nikki è stata davvero più che gentile.
Grazie ancora.
the Good Witch
§ This morning I was ironing ( as to change, some of you who knows me better will say...) when the postman rung at the door.
I love doorbell when it distracts me from works which I loath and today more than ever.
Last week Nikki published some books and scrolls of botanic prints on her blog.
I wrote to her and she has been so kind to send them to me: not only the books and scrolls but also the printed papers for new covers.
The books are wonderful and the scrolls are , oh so tiny..., fantastic.
Not being happy with it she choose prints from the Italian Stamperia di Varese because she thought that they could be apter to the house I will build.
Kindness has always a moving effect on me and Nikki has been much more than kind.
Thank you again and again.

In the meanwhile I want to send to you Debbie's love. She asked me to give it to all the nice people who has asked about her, worried about her and sent prayers and good wishes.
Thank you.

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sylvia ha detto...

They are wonderful, enjoy it!!

Hugs, Sylvia

Kim ha detto...

Nikki is so sweet- they are beautiful! Are you going to try to make some? I can't wait to see yours :)

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) ha detto...

Oh, how lovely!!! Hugs, Marsha

nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

It did make me laugh the title of The Good Witch. My Nephews and neices always called mw Nikki Witch up until a few years ago. This is because i was a goth as a teenager and so when they were little they thought i was a witch. i miss being called Nikki Witch!
I'm glad you like your books and hope you manage to make more with the covers.
I was shocked they have arrived so quick too.
Hope you got the ironing done. Its the worst job ever and i have a mountain here.
Debbie told me you phoned and she was ever so happy about it.
When i make more books i will make a few more for you but this time with paper pages. I think i have mastered how this is done now.
Best wishes, Nikki xxx

Linda Carswell ha detto...

...aren't miniature people so generous....with little miniatures and bits of advise and lovely comments....they are such a lovely group of people...

Linda x

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Oh, you lucky girl! How fantasticc! Nikki's books and scrolls look amazing!

Never Enough Time ha detto...

These are so wonderful. How lucky you are.

cockerina ha detto...

che belli!! staranno benissimo nella libreria della casa rossa!!..
un bacio, Caterina

passa dal mio blog, c'è un altro premio per te!!

Debbie ha detto...

Thank you for mentioning me Rosanna.
Isn't Nikki a lovely little witch..x