sabato 31 ottobre 2009

il Sig Zucca Vuota

§ Oggi anche io festeggerò Halloween per la prima volta in vita mia.
Tornando a casa ho trovato un grande pacco e SAPEVO cosa, o meglio chi, c'era dentro.
Signore e Signori, vi presento il sig Zucca Vuota che sale dalla cantina allo stremo delle sue forze.
E' il dono di Ara per lo swap ed è incredibilmente dettagliato e pieno di sorprese e io lo adoro.
Se volete potete andare al blog di Ara per saperne di più.
Io dico solo GRAZIE MILLE !!!

§ Tonight I'll celebrate Halloween for the first time in my life.
Coming back home I found a big parcel and I KNEW what, or better who, was inside.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Mr Pumpkin Head who climbs from the basement with his last remaining strenght.
He is Ara's gift for the swap and he is incredibly detailed and full of surprises and I love him.
If you want to know more you can go to Ara's blog to find out more.
I only say THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!
§ Questo invece è il mio personale omaggio a questa festa che non mi appartiene ma che appassiona le mie amiche di blog.


§ While this is my personal homage to this holiday which does not belong to me but it is so passionately loved by so many blog friends.

PS Nikki this was yours, I shall send it to you again since it has been lost . Big hugs.

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kimsminiatures ha detto...

Happy Halloween Rosanna. Wonderful work as always. Can you be any sweeter? Big hugs~ Kim

Debbie ha detto...

Rosanna I love your Pumpkin man he's brilliant. Such a shame that the little tea cosy for Nikki has gone astray. Your needlework is

The Mini - Maker ha detto...

oh my gosh! I have NEVER seen your tea cozies before! The are just adorable!!!! Do you sell them?

Hugs ~ Savannah :)

cockerina ha detto...

originalissima questa copriteiera!!!
brava Rosanna!

nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

Hi Rosanna.
I saw Mr Pumpkin head on Aras blog earlier and think he is fabulous.
He is absolutely fabtastic and i know you will be proud to own him.
Happy Halloween too!

I could not get here earlier and Debbie just told me you have posted a picture of the parcel that has been lost.
I love, love, love the tea cosy and can't believe the tiny stitching. Its so sad the parcel has been lost and especially all the work that was involved.
He is going to look great in the witches house once done. Thank you so much for showing, but there is no rush.
Please dont rush to send because we have strikes here and i'm worried it could be lost a second time. I have no idea either when the strikes will end.
Thank you for showing me and its amazing!
Nikki xxx

Sans ha detto...

I am so happy for you that Ara's box arrived.Pumpkin Head must be so much better looking life. Just saw his missing teeth :).

And then the tea-cosy. Rosanna, may I tell you that this one must belong to the top 10 tea cosies of Rosanna's. It is very very pretty. I hope it will find its way to Niki after the strike. It's too beautiful to be lost.

Eva ha detto...

oh! lucky woman. He is adorable. I love your pumpkin man.

And the tea cosy is great as always. Very, very beautiful

Pubdoll ha detto...

I'm very happy for you that you got Ara's Pumpkin Head in time for Halloween! He is fantastic, you must be so pleased. And your Tea cosy is just wonderful, I really hope it's not lost for good in the mail!

Happy All Souls Day!

Ara ha detto...

So glad that he made it there Rosanna!!! And Happy Halloween for the first time!! Hope you went and picked up a bit of candy!

Hugs - Ara