lunedì 12 gennaio 2009


Oggi è stata una buona giornata.
Ho stirato per circa OTTO ore ma mi è avanzato un po' di tempo per fare questa poltroncina.
E' una seggiolina di Eurominis che ho personalizzato dipingendola e rivestendola con una nuova stoffa.
Andrà nella stanza verde come potete immaginare.

little armchair
Today it has been a good day.
I have ironed for EIGHT hours but I had some spare time to do this little armchair.
It is an Eurominis chair which I customized by painting and changing the fabric.
It will go in the green room as you can guess.

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Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Very pretty. I was sorting thru some minis a few days ago and was thinking, some of them would look so much better if painted. Need to add that to my to do list.

marlies ha detto...

He is beautifull!! Love the color of the fabric verry much.

daisycarpi ha detto...


Christel Jensen ha detto...

Hi Rosanna
Wonderful chair:) Funny I have done the same thing today.

Debbie ha detto...

Ironing, that's a dirty word in this house.. I only ever Iron the boys a shirt if we are going out. Everything gets tumble dried in this house and then hung up..